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Green Bay, WI

Sometimes you have to turn away business because it doesn’t really fit your niche. That’s what Scott Bushkie was struggling with. As president of Cornerstone Business Services, an M&A firm, Scott designed a high-touch, high-results business model with a closing ratio of 2 to 3 times the national average.

Unfortunately, Scott had to turn away 40 to 50 clients every year because Cornerstone’s fee structure just didn’t make sense for smaller businesses. Worse yet, a lot of these businesses couldn’t find anyone to work with them because they were too small or too far away from the nearest business brokerage.

Scott started looking for a way to help small business owners sell their businesses, and the first step was to help them understand what their business was worth. Enter DealCoach.

If you are a midsize business looking for an Estimate of Value please contact our strategic partner, Cornerstone Business Services.

DealCoach provides the essential information you need when you’re planning for the future or representing yourself in a business transition.

We provide an accurate Estimate of Value (EOV), so you don’t overprice or underprice your business. We also provide a Business and Market Analysis (BAMA) that will show you how to improve salability and value…whether you’re ready to sell now or years in the future.

Only 12% to 14% of “Main Street” business owners will actually sell their businesses. The others simply have to close their doors and liquidate their assets. It’s a sobering statistic.

At DealCoach, we believe that hiring an experienced business broker will give you the best chance to sell your business. But we know that some business owners can’t afford (or can’t find) a qualified advisor to represent them.

If that’s the case, start with DealCoach. We’ll help you understand what your business is worth, so you can make better informed decisions when it’s time to sell.

Scott Bushkie

Scott Bushkie

Scott Bushkie has more than 20 years of experience in the M&A industry. As president of Cornerstone Business Services, a full-service M&A firm, Scott was constantly getting calls from potential clients who were just too small for his firm. Scott created DealCoach as a way to serve those small business owners, helping them build value and increase their chances of a successful sale.

Scott has been recognized as the Wisconsin Small Business Administration’s Emerging Small Business Person of the Year, as the Midwest Business Brokers and Intermediaries (MBBI) Member of the Year, and as one of the M&A Advisor’s international 40 Under 40. Scott sits on the board of the IBBA, is a past board member of the MBBI, founded the Wisconsin chapter of the MBBI, and founded the national Market Pulse Survey.

Dan Hansher

Dan Hansher

Dan holds a master’s in Business Administration, Marketing and IT Management, and a bachelor’s of science in Multimedia Digital Arts and Advertising, both from the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater. Dan’s role on the DealCoach team is to ensure our tools and methods are the best in the business, making DealCoach an industry leader.

Before joining DealCoach, Dan was part of a SaaS technology company that grew and sold to a strategic buyer. As part of that firm, Dan supported client projects for financial planning software.

Thanks to Dan’s IT industry knowledge and developer connections, combined with Scott’s M&A expertise, DealCoach has created an innovative valuation tool that enables small business owners to get accurate, affordable business insight.