Don’t guess and gamble with your business. Find out what your business is worth in today’s market so you can make informed decisions. If you don’t understand your business value, you could be missing opportunities or even making serious mistakes that will impact your future quality of life.

We do more than run your numbers through some software. Every DealCoach Estimate of Value (EOV) is personally prepared by a DealCoach analyst to ensure accuracy and relevancy to today’s market forces.

You get only one chance to sell your business and having an accurate, realistic valuation is the #1 way to improve your chance of selling.

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Better Information = Better Decisions

Valuing your business is an integral part of running your business. Know what your company is worth now so you can implement the right strategies for growth and financial security:

Buying or Selling a Business

Buying & Selling a Business

Get the right price. Don’t price yourself out of the market and don’t leave money on the table.

Estate & Financial Planning

Estate & Financial Planning

Make sure your business is ready to meet your retirement and legacy goals. Estimate and minimize your tax consequences.

Protecting Your Family

Protect Your Family

An EOV helps protect your family’s interests. Keep your life insurance, succession plan, or buy-sell agreement updated with a current business value.

Monitor the Market

Monitor the Market

Every business value is affected by economic forces outside an owner’s control. Keep tabs on your current market value.

Estimate of Value vs. Business Valuation

Generally, an Estimate of Value serves the same purpose as a business valuation because it identifies the fair market value for your company. Instead of spending anywhere from $5,000 to $30,000 for a full valuation, you can rely on DealCoach for an affordable, accurate estimate of what a qualified buyer would pay for your business.

An Estimate of Value is useful for internal business planning, business sales, and obtaining lender financing. It does not meet the valuation requirements for legal disputes or IRS audits.

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Our Estimate of Value starts at $500 for business with 1 million or less in revenue, compared to others who may charge $5,000.

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