A Business and Market Analysis (BAMA) delivers all the benefits of the EOV, plus a salability assessment and industry benchmarking. The BAMA includes eight value indicators, a nationwide comparison of privately held business that have sold in your industry, and a review of M&A trends in your market.

Find out how much your business is worth, and find out exactly what you need to do to improve that value. Your BAMA results will include the top 2 or 3 action steps you can take right now in order to make your business more salable and more valuable.

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Your Business Scorecard

The Business and Market Analysis (BAMA) is designed for business owners who want to benchmark progress against their peers and identify opportunities for growth.

Think of it like a report card. You wouldn’t want your children to move from kindergarten to college without regular updates on their progress. But that’s exactly how many business owners run their companies. They operate in the dark without ever measuring results, not knowing if they’re on track to meet their goals.

The BAMA answers two crucial questions: How much will I get when I sell? and How can I increase that number?

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Create an account to get started on our Business and Market Analysis (BAMA) process. Our process starts with a questionnaire where we ask you about your business and its performance so we can learn more about your business and industry. A Business and Market Analysis (BAMA) includes all the benefits of the Estimate of Value (EOV), plus a salability survey and industry benchmarking.

Our Business and Market Analysis (BAMA) starts at $950 for business with 1 million or less in revenue, compared to others who may charge $10,000.

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