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Do you have an EXIT STRATEGY?

Among the most common mistakes business owners make, whether they been in business for years or are a new entrepreneur, is failing to have an exit strategy. Scott Bushkie was recently a featured guest on ExitReadiness Podcast to share his insights on this common mistake as well as other items that may kill a deal or prove costly. Listen and learn what you should be doing to prepare.

Much of what we do in serving business owners, is helping them avoid costly or even destructive mistakes. Mistakes in how they build the business as well as how they exit…

For example, one area often neglected until it’s too late is the work you do in tax planning. It is very easy for a business owner to make very expensive tax planning mistakes…

Not just when they are actually realizing a transaction…but also in how they manage their tax situation for an eventual transaction… But, tax planning is just one of many areas an owner can make expensive mistakes in selling their business to a third party…. and that's what we want to discuss today, “Common Mistakes Business Owners Make”

Our guest today is Scott Bushkie of DealCoach and Cornerstone Business Advisors located in Green Bay, Wisconsin Scott is the Managing Partner and Founder of DealCoach and Cornerstone Business Services. With more than 20 years in the M&A industry, he is a recognized leader in the field providing exit sell- and buy-side transitions, along with valuation services in the lower middle market.

Scott has successfully executed hundreds of transactions, domestically and internationally. He has also founded the Cornerstone International Alliance, a group of premier firms serving the lower-middle market.

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